Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Review: Hollywood Style Deep Cleansing Apricot Scrub

For people with acne prone skin, the blemishes after the acne’s dries really a “homework” to clean off. But it can disappear, guys. It can! :’)
The most important thing—as we know—is cleansing from the body, but the treatment from the outside is no less important, such as cleanse your face well, use blemishes lotion and a right moisturizer (oh don’t forget the sunscreen too, guys!). As part of cleansing regime, you can try to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week.
Exfoliate is the process to take away a dead skin cells from your face (or body), and it can reduces appearance of large pores, better absorption for next step skincare regime and help rejuvenate your skin as well (say bye to aging~~)
Why it’s good for acne skin prone? Because, it can take away the blemishes/the dead skin cell—little by little. There’s a different method to exfoliate since people have a different type of skin. As for me, my face is combination to oily—it oily on T-zone and normal in other area. But when I am at my period, it’s oily in whole face and the acne’s easily to appear (thank you, hormone!). But, I still love my self anyway :3
Since I still have an acne and have a blemishes too, I should exfoliate it gently. If you do it harshly or too often, it can stimulate the skin to have a break out. Find a proper exfoliate scrub/cream/gel is hard for me, because my skin is sensitive too. If the product does not match to my skin, the acne will come in no time. I heard about ST. Ives Scrub and Cure Natural Aqua Gel, but that’s hard to find in my hometown and I don’t want to buy it online. So when I went to Grand Lucky and found this Hollywood Style Deep Cleansing Apricot Scrub—with an affordable price—it tend a gambling for me whether to buy it or leave it.... because I haven’t read a review from the internet and I scared it will break me out (maybe you have a same experience like me lol). But at last, I bought it! 

Hollywood Style Deep Cleansing Apricot Scrub (150 ml) come with a white tube plastic with sealed on it (I take it off already in this picture). I like the product that give a seal on it, so it give a safe feeling that other costumer won’t open and try it on the super market lol

It contain apricots for bring freshness to skin, aloe vera for softness and soothes, and walnuts to remove dead skin. They claim the products can remove dry, flaky skin, dead cells and dirt from deep within the pores without stripping away complexion’s natural oils. And after that, skin will feel invigorated, revitalized, have a healthy glow, and texture will be smoother and softer.

Directions: Use the scrub in a wet clean skin, avoid the eye area, massage gently until the scrub is dry and rinse it with a lukewarm water. Use toner for remove the residue and minimize pores. After that, you can use the moisturizer as well. Use it only once or twice a week. 
As for me, I only use it once a week (or two if I think my skin conditions need it). After cleansing my face, I squeeze the tube a little and the cream’s easily come off. It has a light brown/nude color with a lot of scrub on it. It’s creamy as well, not really watery so you can spread it out easily in the skin. Since this scrub has a fragrance (mild and sweet scent), maybe people with sensitive skin must be careful. I massage it gently in circular motion and leave it dry for 5-10 minutes, since the scrub is easily dry out.
After that, I rinse it of with water (usually not a lukewarm water like they suggest hehe) and gave a super fresh, clean and bright face to my face after using it. Even my blemishes doesn’t really disappear after I’m using it, but I feel the differences after use the product: my skin is glowing, clean, feel fresh and the texture is smoother too.
But somehow if I am not wash my face with a facial wash after using this scrub, my face's oily than before. So I should wash my face again (with only a little amount of my facial wash because I don't want to erase all the goodness from this scrub. I know.. it's.. weird.. lol), and use my toner after that. I’ve been using it for 2 months now and thank God it didn’t give me a break out, but a healthy skin! 

It’s affordable with the quality and amount
(around IDR 80K-90K for 150 ml, you can use it for 3-4 months or more),
easy to use, have a mild and sweet scent that I like,
give a clear and clean skin to my face (even the blackhead is still there),
and not break me out!

Give an oily skin after use it if not followed with face wash,
not really easy to find (I found it only at Grand Lucky)

After all, I give it 4/5 star for this scrub! What is your favorite scrub?

Photo taken by me with Canon EOS 600D; 18-55mm. Watermark, font and collage: Adobe Photoshop CS3
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    1. Iya merk ini masih jarang dijual.. tapi sekarang udah masuk ke Watson kok hehe. Thank you for dropping by :*