Friday, July 12, 2013

Review: NYX Trio Eyeshadow TS12 (Golden/Rust/Walnut Bronze)

I know I know.. it's super late to post review about NYX Trio Eyeshadow because NYX has launch their new (trio?) eyeshadow, but give me a try, ok? ;)

This Trio Eyeshadow launch on 2010--if I'm not wrong--cost about $8 and have a looooot of color... blue gradation, Shangrila, and many many many more.. so tempting! *confused-mode-on*

Well yeah, finally I must choose one of them and I pick this one after all because I think the color can match both day and night make up. I'm a beginner by the way, correct me if I'm wrong hehehe. Besides, I like the golden color, very gorgeus. The rust, too. And the Walnut Bronze, too. This trio have a perfect match!

It came up with plastic case with simple yet chick design, build on a mirror and a brush on it. The ingredients is in the back case, you should check it first before try the product, in case you have an allergy. I don't really use the mirror since it's so small, but when I do not bring a mirror on my bag, I use it to touch up :) for the brush, it's slight and rather long (?) makes it easy to apply the shadow.


This photo taken on my car. Pardon for the Milia and my eyebrow

Golden: Very pigmented, vibrant, have a shimmer on it. The color is gorgeus!
Rust: Very pigmented, very vibrant, have a LOT of shimmer on it. It's pretty-not-realy-red-orange color, it'll ok if you use it on party because can make your eyes to the next level. Beware for the excess shimmer and shadow on your below eyes because it easily drop when you apply the shadow.
Walnut Bronze: The color is greyish-silver-pale pink with not really shimmery pigmented texture. I like it a lot, because I can use it to campus or hang out, not-too-much, so simple :)

Both of Golden and Walnut Bronze are easy to apply and do not have any excess, but the Rust color have a lot.. but the color is so pretty so I'm ok with that, lol

For staying power, the color stay still on my lid (with eyeshadow base) for about 4 hours--in room's temperature & AC. When I reach the 8 hours, the shimmer is off--not really shiny--and makes the color look like a matte shadow, lol. But the result depends on your eyelid condition, weather, etc. This post based on my perception :)

I like this trio eyeshadow. Have a good combination's color and so on. Very satisfied :)

Buuuuuut, if you ask me whether I'll buy another trio's, I'm not. Because I want to try another type of palette. Maybe.. the famous Urban Decay on Naked Palette (AHA!)

Have a nice weekend everyone, enjoy!

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