Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Haul: Skin Food, Tony Moly, Etude House

In my country, the price of imported cosmetics are sold at a price that is quite expensive.. which is almost double of original price, this happens due to the tax for imported goods. Since I was a university student who only has a limited money plus don't have a part time job, I can't buy those imported cosmetics (on the counter of the department store near my rent room, I mean) :(
Well, there are other expenses that become our priority, right? *sigh*

Fortunately in Indonesia there are some reliable online shop that sells cosmetics imports with the (alomst) real price. Thank god!

This month I bought some Korean cosmetic/skin care products that actually I already had----but with different colors/type. Let's check them out :) 

I'm sorry for the poor quality of the picture. I took the first picture (the whole products) with my digicam so the color came clearer, and the rest of that.. a bit fade and the color's not exactly the same. So... you can trust the first picture for the product's color! Hehehe

Skin Food: Black Sugar Mask
I've try the banana mask and the results was good. From then, I want to try more of wash-off mask from Skin Food. Many blogger said that black sugar mask is the best mask from Skin Food for acne prone skin, so I bought it (I've try the sample first, it makes my skin feel so soft!)

Tony Moly: Chu Chu Wink Crazy Tint Stick [03 Crazy Blue]

-->For the very first time I tried the Tony Moly tint, I supwer reawly rewaly like it! It didn't make your lips dry and the color looks natural too. The blue cat is my choise this month since I'm searching for the long lasting natural pink color for my lip :3
Etude House: Oh~ m'Eye Line [Brown]

Recently, I like to wear brown eyeliner. I've tried the Revlon Colorstay Gel Liner on brown color and the result was good on my eyes. I'm curious how if I wear the liquid liner's type with the brown color? So I bought this little brown baby, hope the result as good as the gel liner type.
Etude House: Look at My Eyes Jewel [PK 001 Shining Pink Tiara]
If you've met me, you'll know that my eye is small. I like it though, but sometimes I want to see my eyes bigger... people said that eyeshadow with the bright color can make your eyes even bigger, so I start searching for the good eyeshadow product with no/less shimmer in it. And this is what I found: Look at My Eyes Jewel series. The color that I choose is Shining Pink Tiara (PK001), but when I look at it (I haven't try it on), the color is a little bit grey/pale purple -___- (the color on the photo's more pink/orange which is what I see--and want!--on the internet when I browsed it first). I don't post the front picture of this eyeshadow because I really really don't get the good quality of the color, my bad...
On last Sunday I went to the thrift market and bought a white sweater (unfortunately, it's UNIQLO. Lucky me) and a light blue shirt plus a new transparent watch with the baby blue color. Yeah, blue~ I think the theme for this April was blue. But I'm not feeling blue, key? :"
By the way, how's your April? I tried to finish reading Blink by Malcolm Gladwell in this month.. but reading is so much hard for me these day because of those "We Got Married" variety show, especially for Adam Couple series... and Yong&Hyon. Kyah! Ummmmm weeeeell, see? I got a split focus so easily because that variety show. Pfft :'>

Last but not least, I made a charm bracelet. Fyuh! It'd been a looooong time since I made accesorries by my self.... How do you think?

See you on May!


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