Sunday, December 30, 2012

What I've Got on 2012

- New friends. Thank God you give me the opportunity to meet new people. Some of them, I don't know how, are being close to me and the rest of them being a good friend of mine
- New experiences. Became one of the organizers of major events in bandung (Grey Festival 2012 and ESPOSE 2012)
- Concert! The first concert of my life was L'Arc~en~Ciel Worl Tour 2012 and that was super duper uber cool! And the second concerts' SM Town Jakarta. Yeah, I'm an Asian lover and I'm proud of it :)
- Accident. I've slipped twice on the bathroom and I'm still alive. I don't wanna tell the story in here, but the lessons that I've got was: Be careful and there are things you can not do alone
- Nice Lecturers. If you know what I mean lol
- (Online) Shopping! I'm not a shopaholic, but this year is the year of free-and-easy for me. All of the money that I've spend became a new product and food. But I'm not regret it. Girls :'
- Surfing all day long. What I really mean was I do a lot of browsing, whether important or not and I've got a lot of links that I've bookmarked. Someday I'll share it to you, guys
- Family and best friends. Can't say more :')

There's more particular about what I've got on 2012, maybe if I'm not lazy I'll do the part 2 tomorrow. Whoops, tomorrow is the last day of 2012! Woohoo!! Have you prepared something for tomorrow? Party? Stay at home and pray? Tell me more :)

By the way, I can't wait for 2013! Wait for my next post because I want to give you a NEW YEAR BLOG SALE! Cheap price for good product, who's doesn't love it?! Comment me below for more information ;)



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