Saturday, December 15, 2012


When I was cleaning my room last week, I found something interesting

Did you notice something?

This magazine has a similar concept for their cover: Independent women with bold personality. The choreography for their pose has a similar concept too, one hand on the head. Uh I don't know what we call that pose..

But! The magazine took a long apart of their publishment. The first one, which is M.I.A for the cover was published on NYLON - July 2010 (I forgot what country of this magz) and the second one was Dian Sastrowardoyo for NYLON Indonesia - July 2012.

Yup, on the same month with different years of publishing. I was smile at first when I saw the cover and think this is interesting. How about you? I like Dian Sastro, by the way :'>

Good night!


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