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Hello people! Howyadoin?
I have a lot of story (a lot of picture, actually.. lol) to share in this post, that may cause a slow connection to your internet browser so just skip it if you don’t want to know ;)
I got the free invitation to attend two days Seminar on  “Asean Economic Summit 2012” by Universitas Padjadjaran. Asean Economic Summit 2012 or AES 2012, for short, is the International Economic event. This event was held on 5 – 6 Dec 2012 at Auditorium MM UNPAD, Bandung. All participant, both seminar and conference's participant got the snack, lunch, seminar kit, and certificate.

Well, it’s not like I good on study (yeah, that's the truth, I'm not good on study *sigh*), but I think there’s no reason to refuse good opportunity for our brain, right? Especially is way better than study on the class lol

The first seminar was about "ASEAN Economic Community" with 4 speakers. Mr. Subash Bose Pillai (left) was the first speaker who explain his though for the AEC it self. The second speaker come from Universitas Gadjah Mada and the third was from Indonesian’s ASEAN delegates/diplomat (if I’m not wrong). The Seminar was going well and after the speakers share their though, many participant ask the question of AEC issue or other related international issues to them. If you interest to attend the seminar or join the conference for next year, feel free to follow their twitter for the latest information.. because I think this is good for improve your knowledge and have a new experience in Bandung *and maybe we can meet up? hehe*
Sadly, I can’t attend the second seminar which is today because I’ve got my period and it’s hurt so bad -__-

Let’s move on for the next place that I went yesterday. It was a Science Museum: Geological Museum or Museum Geologi at Jl. Diponegoro No. 57 Bandung. As far as I know, this museum was the first museum on Bandung. But that’s normal since the famous science university in Indonesia (Institut Teknologi Bandung) is in Bandung, they are related, aren’t they? For the science shake, I mean.. hehehehe.

It was a rainy day, and only two different junior high school’s group that went to the museum. Since I’m still a student (university student, to be exact) the ticket price is soooo cheap. It was 2000 IDR or 2 cent dollar US maybe? I’m not sure.. But yeah, it’s cheap, isn’t it?! The regular price for the ticket is 3000 IDR and 10000 IDR for foreign/foreign student (about US$ 1)

Because Dutch colonized Indonesia for hundreds of years, the architecture of the building is still carried in the atmosphere of the ancient Dutch (even so, this building is not creepy like Museum Fatahillah, Jakarta). On the entrance, I call it Hall of Geological Museum *lol*, there's a huge geographical map of Indonesia and some documentation of the old museum.
geographical map of indonesia

The building is divided into two levels. The first level contains 3 sections. The first part is the space orientation or what I call the hall, second part is West Wing and the last is East Wing Room. 
The West Wing Room or called with a "Geology of Indonesia" has a lot of information about the earth, but there's something that caught my eyes: the rock minerals on the display
It's so beautiful!
Amethys Crystal! Love it!
Amethyst Crsytal! Love it love it!
Quartz Cyrstal
At the end of the room shows volcanic activity, and there are some rocks result of the volcano too: lava, sulphur, etc.
Sulphur from Banyuwangi, Indonesia
The East Wing Room: History of Life which depicted the history of the growth and development of living things, from the primitive to the modern, which is known to inhabit the planet Earth as a living history of life. There's a replica of T-Rex which makes me gasp on the first second I saw it. It's so huge, thanks God there's no more Dinosaur on the planet :"
Hippopotamus something~

Up to the second floor! I got more excited but turns out that the East Wing Room was under repair, so I can only look to the West Wing Room. Oh well, that's ok by the way thehe

I've got so much fun on this floor! Why? Because the information is packed with more fun.. there's a tv hanging on the mirror wall for tell you an information of mineral and geographical thing. Aaaaand there're a game too! Geographic DDR's game and a-huge-machine-look-a-like-"who wants to be a millionaire"-games. Can you imagine that? I think I'm not good on explaining those two games, so you can see the picture below :')
"Indonesia is the second largest coal exporter in the world" WOW!
Gheology's DDR :))
The step on DDR's game lol

This is the view from the second floor while raining. Beautiful, isn't it? That's why i love living on tropical island *not really* *lol*

Soooo, that's my little trip to the museum. Did you guys have the same experiences with me? Feel free to leave a comment, please :)


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