Thursday, November 29, 2012

Review: Etude House My Lash Serum

Etude House Oh My Lash Serum

Product Description
Strengthens strand vitality with essence care formula to prevent lash loss. Contains panthenol and dogwood berry extract. Supplies nourishment and comfort to weary eye lines and lashes.


How to use
  1. Apply moderate amount on root of lashes as the center, and sweep like combing to the end of lashes.
  2. Apply during skin care after complete cleansing before sleep. 

Not many of people are think about how useful the eyelashes, but I think they are important to protect our eyes from the pollution, dust, rain or water etc.

Since I-have-a-not-so-good eyelashes: got lash loss after using the mascara *sigh*, I'm doing a research for what the best lash serum product to protect my eyelash.. and on my range--college student--this serum is pretty cheap and have a good review too. So, I bought it.

It came with the yellowish liquid on mascara-packaging-look-alike: 9g transparent plastic bottle and a brush (?) on it, so you can see the liquid. Really easy to apply, and even some netizen said, this serum can used for eyelash base before applying the mascara.. but I don't suggest that because it is a skin care product which is have a best result when you apply it without any make up ;)

I usually use it after doing my skin care regime. And what I've got is goooood! On the first two week I've use it, my eyelash isn't loss anymore and got their volume. But the liquid is a bit longer to dry, about 10 minutes. Oh, be careful when you apply it, if your hand is shaking, the liquid can get into your eyes and make your eyes oily *I'm the victim*

Try this, it works *on me* ;)

Good night

once again, pardon for my bad english

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